Hello WomanPreneurs! Welcome to the Ruby Entrepreneurs!  We are women who inspire women, and here we  write about our experiences as women entrepreneurs, we share details about upcoming events for women in business; and we hope our stories will help you start your own business, help you discover yourself, and overcome all the obstacles stopping you from either starting or moving forward. Join us today and be inspired.



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Screenshot_2015-09-10-12-09-29_1Meet WomanPreneur Peniel C. Enwenwen – CEO, Uyai by Peniel, My Ndidia, Co-founder of The Ruby Entrepreneurs and Algebrand Solutions, and a Business Marketing Strategist.

Peniel started business in 2000, while in school, worked with several companies, and in 2011 she finally decided to go steady in business. Peniel has a strong passion for empowering people in skills and believes entrepreneurship rules the world. She dreams to be a voice of hope to African women in business someday.

Click this link to follow Peniel on instagram (@uyaibypeniel), follow @myndidia and @algebrandsolutions.

2. EFECHA OMAWAREScreenshot_2015-09-10-12-10-11_1

Meet WomanPreneur Efecha Omaware – CEO, Omoefe Makeovers – an exceptional makeup artist who started her business from the scratch with just N15,000 and with moral support from close friends. She emerged on taradurotoye as 100 voices finalist.

Click this link to follow Efecha on instagram (@makeupbyomoefe) You can get more information on Efecha via her blog http://www.lifeofomoefe@wordpress.com.


Screenshot_2015-09-10-12-09-40_1Meet WomanPreneur Udeme Ebong also known as Lucie. A multi-passionate/serial entrepreneur, she’s the Founder of the following lifestyle businesses/startups CampAmazing (holiday camps & after school activities for children), mySmartBizandMe (a lifestyle business blog), and iWebStudio Business Services (a professional services and design business).

Lucie started from working in an IT company and also volunteering at holiday activity camps for children in London; to setting up her own holiday camp business. She became an entrepreneur for so many reasons, but most importantly – she hopes to achieve the work-life balance she has ways desired.

Click this link to follow Lucie on instagram (@lucie_udeme), and read more about her via her blog http://www.mysmartbizandme.com.

4. JANE OBELEScreenshot_2015-09-10-12-09-13_1

Meet WomanPreneur Jane OBELE – CEO, Janeysparkles Makeovers. The company is geared towards boosting a woman’s confidence with the right look by providing quality makeup, makeup training and makeover services.

Jane started in 2012, and apart from profit making, she has always had PASSION for makeup. She dreams, thinks, and imagines new makeup ideas everyday. It has become a lifestyle for her.


Screenshot_2015-09-10-12-09-01_1Meet WomanPreneur Jane Obidegwu – CEO LilZane Fashion.

Jane started tailoring in 2002, but finally embraced the craft as a full time career in 2009. She took on fashion as a career because of her love for vibrant colors and would stop at nothing until the perfect outfit is achieved.  Jane believes in “always being true to oneself and be true to others.”

Click this click to follow Jane on Instagram (@lilzane_fashworld).

6. BOMA CHEETHAM-WESTScreenshot_2015-09-10-12-07-40_1

Meet WomanPreneur Boma Cheetham-West – CEO, Ibiaye by Tennie – a fabric accessories, unique souvenirs/party favours, image consulting and training company.

Boma launched in 2013 to create a brand that solves the fashion problems available – dressing made easy with class and colour.  Her training program was set up to raise a group of people who can stand on their own, independent of the economic situation around.  Roma has confidently set goals and have achieved them over time, hoping to grow and expand across the borders.


Screenshot_2015-09-10-12-07-29_1Meet WomanPreneur Lilian Obidegwu – CEO, Lindura Beauty – a fashion, beauty and body sculpting company. Lilian has been making clothes for about 12 years, and in 2012 Lilian launched her beauty company.

She combines both businesses perfectly and hopes to be able to expand her clientele.

Click this link to follow Lilian on Instagram (@lindura_beauty).


Screenshot_2015-09-10-12-07-14_1 Meet WomanPreneur Charlotte Okuruwa (also known as Tolu) – an educationist and private tutor, she home-schools kids with a unique style of teaching.

Tolu loves what she does and is also currently seeking an image consulting profession. She plans to be a big brand in the nearest future.


Screenshot_2015-09-10-12-06-35_1Meet WomanPreneur Uju Appah – CEO, Tare’s Couture, a fabric and hand crafted beaded jewellery business.

In 2009, Uju founded Geophina Nigeria Limited – an oil and gas company which she runs till date, and in 2014, her love for fabrics and fashion bore Tare’s Couture.

Uju loves her job and sees herself growing bigger over the years.


Screenshot_2015-09-10-12-06-21_1Meet WomanPreneur Melissa Ikeatu – CEO, Lissa Concept – a handmade beads and jewellery business. 

Melissa started bead making in 2008, but went professional in 2012. Her business is currently located in Port Harcourt where she resides. Melissa also trains young women in bead making who aspire to set up their businesses in the near future.

Follow Melissa on Instagram (@lissabead).

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