From January 2014 – December, 2014, twelve (12) general meetings were held successfully and hosted by every member of the association. All contributions have been paid and collected by recipients.

The members raised a total of N15,000 in December, 2014 for charity.



Upcoming Event Forecast

  • The Ruby Entrepreneurs GIY Skills Acquisition program has been proposed for June 8th – 12th, 2015
  • The Ruby Entrepreneurs UYO community inauguration has been proposed for July 19th 2015
  • The Ruby Entrepreneurs group business/holiday trip to Dubai in August, 2015. Plans are already in progress.
  • The Ruby Entrepreneurs LAGOS community inauguration has be proposed for September 30th 2015
  • The Ruby Entrepreneurs 2015 Yard sales has been slated for September, 2015
  • The Ruby Entrepreneurs 1st annual end of year event will hold on December 13th, 20




Every woman who is in business; or planning to start a business.

Every woman on a journey of self-discovery

Every woman who is ready to invest in herself and reach for her dreams.


  • Access to funds: The strength of a business is getting access to funds to run it. With this knowledge the group has also set up a savings and loan corporative scheme which helps the members to save and have access to interest-free micro credit to fund their businesses.
  • Access to FREE business ideas and solutions
  • Access to quarterly business networking meetings and workshops
  • Access to information on Private and Government grants, loans or micro-credit awarded to women entrepreneurs
  • Access to information on competitions and benefits for entrepreneurs
  • Support from group members
  • Access to general knowledge on daily living and team building exercises
  • Access to weekly inspirational business e-newsletters.

How To Register:

Registration forms are available for N5,000 (five thousand naira, only) and this entitles you to full membership. A monthly due of N500 (five hundred naira only) is also mandatory for members.

Our Projects & Activities


In 2014, The Ruby Entrepreneurs successfully organized two (2) yard sales, which members actively participated in by selling their products, services and also made new connections.

In July of 2014, a skills acquisition program was also organized to empower young women in skills such as Bead making, bags, shoes, Ankara accessories and make-up. It was attended by 12 women from Port Harcourt, who are currently putting their skills to practice.

In October 2014, a one-month fitness exercise challenge was also carried out, to encourage women to stay fit and healthy.

The group also has a platform which gives back to society