Over the years, women have surpassed just being home keepers to building brands and power empires. They have effectively combined being wives, mothers, with being top-notch, sought after, CEOs, leaders and business owners.

However, there are also women who still suffer the challenges of balancing both worlds thus struggling with business growth and sustainability. According to the, one out of every four start-ups by women fails. Women start-ups often have tendencies to get distracted, carried away or follow bandwagons.

These characteristic in women has set the pace for this year’s conference, Beyond tomorrow, as we have set out to celebrate, inspire, support and explore women; both the start-ups and business leaders, teaching them how to build lasting businesses for the future.


The main objective of this event is to celebrate, promote and encourage women in business and start-ups.


This will be a 3-day event that will feature:

  1. Exhibitions from women owned businesses;

The exhibition is a forum for vendors to network with other entrepreneurs, market their products and services to potential clients and to create awareness on the gains of entrepreneurship.

  1. Business conference and workshops hosted by a panel of high profile entrepreneurs.

There will also be business sessions, trainings, skill acquisitions and workshops by renowned business coaches and iconic female entrepreneurs centered on business startups, growth, and sustainability.

Business topics for the conference and workshops will include:

  1. Business Startup processes
  2. Financial planning & Accounting for SMEs
  3. Social Media & General Marketing Strategies
  4. Business Etiquettes, health and lifestyle.
  5. Skill acquisition benefits and lots more

For event registration and exhibition booths, call 08084179864, 08098771079


Eventbrite - The Ruby Entrepreneurs Flagship Business Women's Conference & Exhibition 2015


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